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Welcome to the internet home of Blue Mojo Farm!  We are a small farm in rural Aldie, Virginia just west of Washington, DC.  We raise heritage breed turkeys, Light Brahma chickens and ostriches.  Our customers have varied from small (the individual who wants chicks, meat or eggs) and medium (wedding planners whose clients ‘think outside the box’), to big (popular cafes and chefs).

What is our story?  Our son was diagnosed with Lyme disease when he was younger, so we did a bunch of research and decided to get some guinea hens (tick eaters). At the farm that sold guinea hens, we ran into our first turkey (that wasn’t on a plate or flying through the woods). It was a Blue Slate gobbler that followed us around and loved having his head petted. We fell in love instantly. The guinea hens did not work out, but we had also purchased a young turkey that we named Mojo.  As she grew up, she was our pet… sat in our laps, followed us around outside, flew up to our shoulders and so forth. She wound up developing an illness, and our hearts broke when she passed.

After recovering from losing Mojo, we decided to get a few more turkeys from her parents.  This established our first “flock”; then we decided to name the farm after Mojo.  In researching Blue Slate turkeys, we discovered the “heritage breed” concept and something just clicked.  We are passionate about re-establishing living things in decline and eating “local”.  For a while we tried to sell Thanksgiving turkeys, but unfortunately discovered we could not find buyers willing to pay what it costs to raise heritage breeds (those naturally reproducing) to full weight.  (It can take up to two years!)  Now we only raise chickens and turkeys for ourselves, though we occasionally sell chicks and poults.

How did we get into ostrich?  As we did additional research on poultry, agriculture, and farming, we ran across some very interesting articles about ostrich ranching.  We did not realize how little space an ostrich requires and it seemed worth looking into.  After locating some lovely people with decades of ostrich experience and asking hundreds of questions, we decided to take a leap.  Now we have a flock of thriving, healthy adult ostriches!  We really enjoy these majestic creatures and hope to continue to expand the flock in years to come.  Loudoun County has been extremely supportive of our endeavors plus we have a fantastic network of friends and family that help us reach our farm goals.  The sky’s the limit!

We hope you have enjoyed our “story”.  Please contact us with any questions or inquiries!
Eddie & Jill